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What to Do to Become an Airline Pilot

Do you dream of flying some day at 36000 feet above sea level? It gets a lot more interesting and appealing when you think of the prospect of earning a salary of $73,500 and over. If at all these sound an appealing opportunity to you, then you must be considering working as a commercial airline pilot. But anyway, you are only faced with one rather bit of a challenge and it is that of how to start it all off and make it in this highly lucrative and respected career. We will be seeing in this post some of the ways of making it into this lucrative career as a commercial airline pilot.

The first of the steps you must take is to meet the eligibility requirements. First of the requirements that you need to meet are such as first to be of the satisfactory age requirements which call on you to be at least 18 years old. In the U.S you will as well need to be a native of the United States and or be fluent English speaking citizen of the United States. The other qualification you will need is to have a secondary school education to show your qualifications. The compulsory disciplines that you must show good competencies in are such as Math, English and Science. Even though it is never a must to have a college degree for you to qualify, you will probably stand a better chance at a job when you are out in search for the job opportunities. It is as well quite fundamental for you to have a class 1 Pilot Medical Certificate. This is the certificate that you are of the right state of mind and physically stable enough to operate a plane. This test will be administered by an FAA authorized doctor who will review your medical history. Some of the tests that will be done include hearing and vision tests. The tests will also touch on your lungs, blood pressure, heart and stomach health. Not to forget that there will be as well an examination on your urine and blood examinations and as well your nervous system.

The other thing you need to ensure is that you are kept as updated as ought to be on the latest developments in the aeronautical industry. You must appreciate the fact that changes in the technological world with respect to the aeronautical industry affect your job. The West Palm Jet Charter has reports that there are nowadays 3D scans of the landscape on the 350 Challenger planes. The 350 and 300 planes all happen to be part of the Bombardier airlines.