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All that you Need to Know about Pacifism for a Christian

Evangelical Christianity tends to be more politically-oriented and oppose the things that are meant for the welfare of the people throughout the world. They do not agree with the idea of sending aids to the poor countries, try to contradict what we think is wrong and they are on the first line to preach of the superiority of the white race over other races. They even support the idea of using the armed troops to bring peace and using excessive force against the human beings who are unarmed. There should be use of peaceful means as this will lead to no bloodshed and the preservation of the valuable human lives that God created.

There is this notion that when you are attacked you should use every means that are possible to try and protect you valuable life and property. This could mean even if it would result to the death of the attacker. They regard this as a way of punishment to the attacker for the crime. This is not right as the bible clearly indicates that we are created in the image of God and there is no need to kill because one life is as important as the other. You also can’t end someone’s life because of the fact that they were trying to just steal some cash or property that is not equivalent to one’s life.

There is the thought that people who do not solve violence with violence are cowards who let the others mistreat them. There are many ways in which you can solve conflicts that you have that will not result to injury of others and even death. Because one is a pacifist, it does not mean that one is easy going to everything that is said or commanded.

History has the records of people who did not result to violence to solve violence and in the end they emerged victorious for what they had been pushing for. The examples are people like Mahatma Gandhi of India, Martin Luther King of the United States and from the Bible we see Jesus Christ Himself. The way these people were handled was intense that they would have resulted to violence and even bloodshed but they remained calm and never lost their focus but pushed hard till they got what they wanted in the end.

Because we took our country to our control by use of force and Revolution, we have always tried to solve everything that we face by war or violence. This has made has to use force to resolve most of our problems. In the end we will get the prize of violence if we don’t change. At all costs, we should love each other so that we will reap God’s Kingdom.