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A Loveless Love Story to Tell

My parent’s love story is not what every fairy tale story should end, “And they live happily ever after.”. My parents where in love in the past, and surely they did, but their entire love story is not what everyone would want to hear about, but it serves as a great source of inspiration. Let me share with you how my parents met and shared a life together in a loveless love story.

My parents have been married for 41 years, and been together for 44 years. My mom was only then 16 years old when she met my father, and he was the only man she ever dated. Looking at the photos of my dad when he was a teenager, he looks like John Mellencamp Cougar. My dad used to drive an orange Trans Am with a black eagle painted hood, and he had a long and feathered brown hair who loved wearing tight bell-bottom jeans and white shirt. My dad was regarded as a “cool” guy and my mom was an ordinary teenage girl.

My mother attended Catholic school, who always wear uniform every day, and her hair was always curled by her mother using Coca-Cola cans. Because of her parents’ strict rules, she found dating with my dad as a great escape, and her image drastically changed. She suddenly became hot and gorgeous. I saw her photo at a carnival wearing a yellow halter-top belly blouse and a tight bell-bottom jeans. She loved ironing her hair before there were curling irons and hair straighteners.

My parents had their childhood and teenage years in Brooklyn, a famous and less dangerous place. Children rode bikes going to school, and used uncuttable bike locks to secure them during classes. My mom was allowed to hang out at the park with friends until dusk, and my dad loved party all night long.

My mom decided to accept the wedding proposal of my dad when she was 19 years old to get out of her parents’ house. My grandmother was very hard on my mom.

My mom got pregnant at the age of 24, and my parents moved to Queens, where my father made good money working in a telephone company. My mom always dreamed of having children and becoming a good mom, and they decided to move to New Jersey when she got pregnant with me. For the rest of her life, my mom was a dedicated mother to my brother and I.

As time passed by, the love, appreciation, and connection slowly vanished. They have been with us and decided to remain married but have not really create meaningful and romantic memories together. I hope my mother had a second chance, she is a good mom but was not able to pursue a career because she entered married life just to escape prison, not realizing the life sentence it provides.