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Hotboxing in Your Car

There is a leisure time activity called ‘hotboxing’ that is not for everybody. If you enjoy weed and love getting stoned, then chances are you know what hotboxing is. Next time try hotboxing in your car. You deserve the great experience.

Look for a great place to hotbox. You need to plan ahead and look for your favorite spot. You might want to drive to a hill overlooking the city and enjoy the city lights at night. If your trip is nature, then look for a wooded area where you can park your car away from the authorities. A parking lot might sound like an unusual place to hotbox, but people don’t usually notice anything going on there. Just keep a look out for local authorities.

When you hotbox in your car, just bring enough weed, nothing more. You don’t want to get too high and get paranoid about getting caught. Leave your stash home, and just roll out enough joints for the trip. This way everything will be under control.

Another advantage of bringing joints only – it’s so much easier to hide when someone comes knocking on your window. Blunts also create more smoke than other gadgets. So leave your bong behind, and roll out some joints for this amazing trip. As the quality of weed is important, Leafbuyer Arizona guarantees you the best there is.

Choose your soundtrack and your snacks ahead of time. Rack up your favorite soundtrack. You also need to buy your snacks ahead of time so when the munchies hit, they are already in the car. Driving around stoned looking for snack is a good way to get into trouble. This is not the time to buy snacks, so do it ahead of time. Whatever makes you happy munching when you’re high, go for it. One thing you don’t want to be in your hotbox is dehydrated, so bring with you lots of water to drink.

Lastly, you need to decide ahead of time who’s driving home. You can cast lots or simply appoint the designated driver while everybody is still sober. Don’t ruin the entire experience by crashing into another car or a fence because you drove high and did not designate a driver. And don’t be that driver who stares at the changing green and red stoplight for an hour because he is so high.

How can you deodorize your car after a hotboxing trip? Drive your car around the block with the windows rolled down. Let the air flush out any dank smell sticking to your car interior. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean out tiny pieces of weed and chips from crevices. Use a damp cloth soaked in soap and water to wipe the interior of your car.

Time to plan your next hotbox adventure.